>> Getting your Flows started has just got easier.

Somethings that is on my UK tenant for Flow is a newly designed way of creating flows from “blank”.

>>What do each of them look like?

I’ll just show you some screenshots from my UK dev tenant.
You still have the option to create a Flow from the existing template which I would highly recommend because there are some great templates already available.

The First one we’ll look at is the “Automated - from blank”.
This is if you want a trigger to happen without any input from a user. For example when an email comes into an inbox or when a Form is completed.

Automated From Blank

This is the “Instant - from blank” and this is if you want to trigger your flow directly from a Flow button inside the mobile app or from inside of a PowerApp.

Instant From Blank

Lastly is the “Scheduled - From Blank” and this is if you want a Flow to start at a specific time each minute/hour/day/week/month!

Scheduled From Blank

>>Is this even important?

I just think this is a much easier/faster way to create your Flows without having to go through and finding your trigger from just a straight blank Flow. So this is currently live on my UK dev tenant so I believe this is GA now and should be available for you at http://flow.microsoft.com