>> Notifying users in Teams through Flow.

I’ve noticed a few people asking and searching for the answer to this question so here is a quick blog post about it.
If you have a Flow that ends with or involves posting a message to Teams you couldn’t @mention colleagues or yourself! Now you can.

This is super simple to do but there is some caveats… (bare in mind these are correct as of the time of posting this blog):
1). You need to complete the “Post a Teams message to a channel” as the Microsoft Flow bot. Not as yourself.
2). You can only @mention a user NOT a whole channel or DL.
3.) No you cannot remove the “ used Microsoft Flow to automate this notification. Learn more " message. 😡
4.) This Action is currently in Preview.

>>How do you do it?

Make sure you choose the right connector and its easy as that!
You need to make sure you choose this specific action from the list so the flow bot will post the message and encapsulate your desired user email address in these tags and you’ll be good to go! For example:

hello [email protected] This is just a test.

Here is a screen-cap of it in action!
I am logged in as the user who has been @mentioned.
They will even receive a toast notification on their device!

Hopefully they will add some more functionality to this so it doesn’t need to come from the Flow bot in the future or enable the feature to remove the ” used Microsoft Flow to automate this notification. Learn more” from the action and I can see this being very useful and an easy addition to everyone’s Flows.